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Tapas from the north & more

For tapas lovers of fish and seafood of the north. With this pack, we will enjoy a fantastic ventrésca tuna in oil to prepare a good salad, anchovies from the Cantábrico awarded with the best tasting from the fish market of Santoña, some Galician mussels and cod stuffed piquillo peppers. We will also have anchovy stuffed olives and all this accompanied with two natural snacks, salt rosquilletas and paprika square rosquilletas.To season we will use a can of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil .

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Atun ventresca in olive oil

The ventresca (belly) is one of the most appreciated parts of tuna. It is a piece located at the bottom of the fish (its name derives from the word belly) that offers, before other parts, a finer, delicate and unctuous flavor. If also, that ventresca belongs to a beautiful North (within the types of tuna, the best considered for the quality of its meat) we can say that we are facing a real delicatessen, at the height of the best Iberian ham, the best foie gras, the best caviar...

But it is that, in addition to its exquisite taste in the mouth, this food has very beneficial properties at the nutritional level, that is, those of blue fish: proteins of high biological value, contribution of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, vitamins of the B and D...

Square rosquilletas with pimenton(Bell pepper)

The rosquilletas are a typical artisan bakery product of the Valencian Community. In this case the format is square and they carry paprika (grounded bell pepper).

It is a mixture of natural ingredients based on oil, yeasts, flours, water and salt, which are kneaded and processed manually until they take an elongated and irregular shape. Its traditional flavor, along with its crunchy texture, make this product perfect to consume at any time of the day, either as a magnificent aperitif, a healthy snack or as an accompaniment to exquisite dishes.

Rosquilletas con sal
Las rosquilletas son un producto típico de la panadería artesanal de la Comunidad Valenciana.
Se trata de una mezcla de ingredientes naturales a base de aceite, levaduras, harinas, agua y sal, los cuales son amasados y elaborados manualmente hasta tomar una forma alargada e irregular. Su tradicional sabor junto con su crujiente textura, hacen que este producto sea perfecto para consumirlo a cualquier hora del día, ya sea como un magnífico aperitivo, un saludable tentempié o como acompañamiento de platos exquisitos.
Piquillo peppers filled with cod

We select the best piquillo peppers and roast them with wood from Hague. We peel them without water so that they do not lose their flavor, we fill them with a delicate unsalted cod bechamel (sauce), prawns, prawns and poached vegetables. It is a very laborious process with a delicious result. It stands out for its low fat content (2.6 %), salt (0.23g/100g ) and also gluten-free.

Ingredients: piquillo peppers (38 %), fish broth (water and cod), cod, onion, tomato, vegetable oil, shrimp, prawns, rice flour, milk, leek, carrot, green pepper, rice, garlic, salt and spices

Allergens Info: Contains dairy product, fish and crustaceans. Gluten-free

Extra virgin olive oil 250ml. Arbequina variety

Softness, fluidity and fragrance
Arbequina is an olive variety native to Palestine.
It is a small tree with high resistance to cold, and with a high production of small and rounded fruits arranged in a rooted shape, a green/violet and shimmering color, early maturation and good fat yield.

Anchovy stuffed olives

The olive stuffed with anchovy has been and is for years a leader in consumption in the shopping habits of olives in Spain. Based on the quality criteria that our firm professes, the cans of olives filled with anchovy José Lou coma have large olives and pleasant flavor.

Galician mussels

We only pack mussels protected under the Protected Designation of Origin "Mussel of Galicia", guarantee of being acquiring an exclusively Galician product, coming from the punts of our estuaries.

Our mussels are carefully selected, choosing only large pieces, which we make with the delicacy that a craft production requires.

The viandas (servings) are cooled before adding the sauce to achieve a denser, more pleasant texture in their tasting

Cantabrian anchovy in olive oil

Anchovy is one of the exquisite bites of our gastronomy. In addition to being one of the stars of numerous recipes and succulent dishes, anchovies bring great benefits to our health.

The properties of anchovies are many and excellent. Blue fish is one of the foundations of the Atlantic diet and in Spain it is considered a delicatessen product. Specifically in Santoña, Cantabria, we have the best anchovy in Spain and surely, in the world.

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