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Menu "pleasure of the sea"

To eat we have a fantastic cider cod accompanied by natural fried potatoes. For starters we will have pickled Galician mussels, pickled sardines and a ventrésca tuna with oil. The starters will be combined with square artisan paprika rosquilletas.

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Atun ventresca in olive oil

The ventresca (belly) is one of the most appreciated parts of tuna. It is a piece located at the bottom of the fish (its name derives from the word belly) that offers, before other parts, a finer, delicate and unctuous flavor. If also, that ventresca belongs to a beautiful North (within the types of tuna, the best considered for the quality of its meat) we can say that we are facing a real delicatessen, at the height of the best Iberian ham, the best foie gras, the best caviar...

But it is that, in addition to its exquisite taste in the mouth, this food has very beneficial properties at the nutritional level, that is, those of blue fish: proteins of high biological value, contribution of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, vitamins of the B and D...

Pickled sardines

This time our delicate sardines are accompanied by a homemade pickle that will delight lovers of this fish. Accompanied with a good white wine and a homemade bun we will get an aperitif to match any circumstances.

Canned sardines are a high nutritional value food. We could say that, on a nutritional level, the sardines take the gold medal. They contain a high concentration of vitamin B12, in addition to vitamins A, D, K and E. They are also an important source of protein, sodium, phosphorus, iodine and calcium. And are rich in Omega 3 and oleic acid. What more can you ask for?

In addition to its many properties, canned sardines are delicious. With its characteristic and intense smell and flavor, our sardines stand out for their attractive silver appearance and magnificent presentation: perfectly clean, bright and tasty, with a soft and juicy texture.

Square rosquilletas with pimenton(Bell pepper)

The rosquilletas are a typical artisan bakery product of the Valencian Community. In this case the format is square and they carry paprika (grounded bell pepper).

It is a mixture of natural ingredients based on oil, yeasts, flours, water and salt, which are kneaded and processed manually until they take an elongated and irregular shape. Its traditional flavor, along with its crunchy texture, make this product perfect to consume at any time of the day, either as a magnificent aperitif, a healthy snack or as an accompaniment to exquisite dishes.

Oil relazones

La Aguja (needle) or Relanzón is a blue fish similar to sardine and chicharro (Horse Mackerel). Its properties are also similar: high content of Omega-3, vitamins and calcium, nutrients that should not be missing in any balanced diet. Canned needles are therefore a good alternative to others as highly consumed as sardines.

The Relanzon is fished in the Cantabrian Sea in the autumn and winter times and it is distinguished by its pointed shape, so it has been compared to a needle. It is a highly valued product in numerous towns on the Cantabrian coast, such as Bermeo or Santoña. In some villages on the Basque coast it is called Botakarra..

Fried Potatoes

JGarcia potatoes with 34 years of history in Castellón, continues to preserve its origins. Moreover, in its roadmap, fried potato without preservatives or dyes remains the differentiating element. It is a thin and crispy bag of fries, made under the Slow Food philosophy: fried at low temperature and simmer with the best possible ingredients. There are few snacks so desired and easy to combine.

Picked mussels

The secret of pickled mussels is in the preparation of the sauce, made from olive oil, vinegar, paprika and salt.

Mussels are characterized by belonging to the family of clams and molluscs of saltwater and freshwater habitats. They can be regarded as the poor brothers of other great seafood. You can eat them cooked, smoked, fried, grilled, steamed and are quite popular in European and Pacific countries.

In Spain we also have protected and organic natural areas that give our mussels a very high nutritional value, since they have a high content of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, so they are very beneficial for health.

Cider cod

A typical Asturian dish to be enjoyed on any occasion, made by hand according to the traditional recipe. Lightly warm it up in a water bath or microwave.

Ingredients: Cod fillet, onion, tomato, mussels, wheat flour, cider, olive oil, garlic, parsley, salt and spices.

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